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HTML 5.0

Introduction to HTML
structure and doctype.
html, head and body element.
headings, paragraph and line.
formatting tags.
ordered and unordered list.
image and hyperlinks.
h3 and span.
tables, heading, rows and data.
forms and attributes.
Form input element
textbox, password, radio.
checkbox, textarea, select.
email, date, url, file, number.
button, reset, submit.
HTML Structural Elements
sections, nav, aside, article.
header, footer, address.
Embedded Content
canvas, map, embed, audio, video.

CSS 3.0 Styling

Introduction to CSS
CSS Selectors
Adding style to HTML
Text Properties
Font Properties
Box Model
Border Properties
CSS Positioning

Javascript Validation
Responsive Bootstrap
AJAX Programming
JQuery Animation
PHP Programming
ASP Programming